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Destination: Ocean Shores

I had the honor of being asked spur-of-the-moment to photograph Jenna and Derryck’s wedding at Ocean Shores, WA. I’m not sure if that qualifies me as a destination wedding photographer now, but either way it was lots of fun and a beautiful 2 hour drive to the coast.

The ceremony was held at the Ramada, and our formal portraits were taken about 10 minutes down the road on the beach. It was 4:30pm and the light was so harsh, glaring right off the ocean water and making it very difficult to have everyone lighted properly without squinting from the bright light. There also was the wind factor, which made things a little difficult for the ladies. I decided that instead of having the ocean behind everyone, we would use the huge wall of boulders that lined one side of the shore.

Lucky for me, I had some very willing and able ladies that hiked up on the boulders in their heels so I could capture some amazing images of them! I’m in heaven when I have people to photograph that are open-minded and love to try fun things for a great photo!

I am glad that the lighting posed to be a challenge, because I don’t think that I would have tried these shots without it! It was a beautiful wedding with fun people to photograph. That in itself made it an amazing day for me!


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Backyard Wedding

I was asked to photograph a “Simple Backyard Wedding” for a lovely merging family. This wedding brought together a family of seven: Bride, Groom, and five beautiful daughters. When I arrived to the event location, what I saw was no “simple” wedding. The backyard was beautifully sculpted, tables were decorated with happy, bright, fresh bouquets, and finished with a touch of candy deco accents. The BBQ pit complete with an outdoor kitchen was heating up in preparation for designees to cook up burgers after the ceremony.


It was such a pleasure to capture this beautiful, laid back wedding!


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Fantasticly Fun Wedding!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of capturing a fantasticly fun, yet small and humble wedding attended by only family and a few close friends of the bride and groom. These small weddings I think are my favorite, as everything seems more personal and real. Of course, it is much easier to pay attention to the Bride and Groom when there are only 40 people, as opposed to 400 people trying to catch a glimps and give their best wishes!

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your special day!!




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The Hottest Day of the Year

Of course, with the biggest event in Rainier, WA all year, it had to be scheduled on the hottest day of the year! This wedding was just beautiful and laid back, with the ceremony out in the hay field and the reception in the barn! Such a fun day!



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