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Boredom = Fun

What does a photographer do when business is a little slow and the photographer is bored? What’s the best way to market you photography business? Get out and take pictures! That’s the answer to both questions!

My goal on this sunny afternoon was actually to try and find a couple to photograph on the street, free of charge, just for fun. I went to a few parks but just couldn’t muster up the courage to break in on a conversation or stop them in their tracks to ask if I could photograph them. This is something I need to work on… another time…

I decided to take a different approach to street photography. I went to a local skate park with my big 70-200 canon lens, parked myself on a bike rack (rather uncomfortable!), and waited until I had a bit of attention from the teenage boys showing off their tricks. At one point there was about six of them all standing together, so I made my move. I walked up and asked if they would mind if I took their pictures. Let me tell you, a group of teenage boys gets giddy when a lady in heels carrying a huge camera asks them to take their picture! I handed out my card after one asked if I did modeling pics (he was wanting to become a model and wanted to start his portfolio), and then started shooting away.

It was lots of fun, and next time I’ll be bringing a wider angled lens. I was still able to get some fun shots, though! I think some teens were happy to get some new facebook pictures!


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