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Cuties in the Park

I had a friend (much like my second mother) visiting this side of the mountains from Eastern Washington to help out her son’s family, as his wife had just had their fifth child. As any good grandma would do, she spent the majority of her time caring for the other four children so mother and baby could just enjoy each other for a while.

I wasn’t about to not see my “other mom” while she was visiting just because she was being the devoted grandma she is. We decided to pack up three of the kids (the oldest was in school) and head to the park so we could get some visiting in, but still entertain the kiddos. Of course I had my camera with me, and I had to take advantage of these little cuties!

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the day. They were quite used to their mom snapping photos of them, and had no problems giving me big grins all day long!


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Tolmie State Park

Tolmie State Park is another one of my favorite places to go to when I just need to wind down… I visited this beautiful little park the same day as as my previous post about the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge. The sun was shining, and I spent the day clearing my mind by looking at the world through my lens for the day. It is therapeutic for me, and always sets my soul at ease.

On this day I was lucky enough to have a Great Blue Heron grace me with his presence. These magnificent birds have always been one of my favorites. They remind me of when my dad used to take me fishing as a child…

He kept close for quite some time, not seeming to mind my lens pointing at him most of the time I was there!

You can almost hear the seagulls…

A beautiful end to a wonderful day!

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Almost Home

I was able to go back to my “Home Town” for a week last month. I hadn’t been there for more than a day or so at a time for the last ten years. Now mind you this isn’t really my old “Home”… that is 43 miles north of here, but that is for another blog posting.

It’s funny when you’re gone for a long time, and then come back… so many things change, yet everything still seems the same. I took a walk through town with my mom and my camera, looking at all of the “landmarks” that I never really appreciated before. Colville, Washington really is a cute little town.

I never even knew that this sign existed until I went on this photo walk…. Amazing how you can visit a town once a week for 18 years and still find new places…

This was my favorite store in all of Colville… the Flour Mill had everything a girl could want: Horse tack, feed, pet supplies, farming books, etc..etc..

Here’s the view looking over the Colville Fairgrounds. Yes, this is the county fair that I mention in my “About Me” section of my website. My very first photos were displayed here! 🙂

Almost sunset at the park I used to go to as a kid…

And here’s just a few of my favorite park “toys” …. I think they are older than I am!

My favorite swing set they had at the park… (there were three different ones!)

And last but not least, have you ever seen one of these before?? They call it a merry-go-round… you stand inside those metal bars somewhere and you run as fast as you can…. then you jump up on the bar and hang on for dear life! I got hurt so many times on this thing! I doubt they are even legal anymore in parks…. safety hazard!!

I’m so glad I had the opportunity to capture “my little town” on such a beautiful day!

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All Smiles

This weekend a very dear friend of mine was able  to come for a visit, along with her friend’s beautiful little girl. We had such a good time! Satureday was spent at the park by my home, and Sunday was spent exploring Point Defiance Park. Little Drea was all smiles, so of course she was the center of attention for my lens…


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