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Downtown Olympia

I had the pleasure a few months ago to go shooting with a photog friend in downtown Olympia. I’ve lived in the area for over 6 years now, and have never actually walked around downtown before. How sad is that?

I think the best part of going out shooting with friends is seeing each other’s work after the event. I love how two people can stand in the same spot, with the same camera body in hand, and the same lens fixed to the body, and capture two entirely different images. I love how two people shooting together will inspire each other, and how you can feed off of the other’s ideas and views. I love looking over my shoulder and seeing a friend pointing their lens in a direction I may never have looked if I were on my own. These are the days that inspire me the most!

It was a perfect day for shooting in downtown Olympia, complete with graffiti alleys, fun restaurants, a port filled with moored sailboats, and even a parade!

The Port of Olympia is beautiful no matter how you look at it…

The #1 way to travel in Olympia… it’s a very green city!

My friend lovin’ the graffiti! (and so was I!)

Italian is good no matter what way you look at it!

I love this statue….

Looking forward to spring time and taking another walk around downtown Olympia! I’m so lucky to live in such a photograph-able area! 🙂


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