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Railroad Tracks: The Essence of Nostalgia

Railroad tracks are the essence of nostalgia. I don’t know what it is about them, but people always seem to have the same reactions when they are near them or viewing a photograph, painting or drawing of them. Maybe it’s the “contained freedom” they represent, for lack of a better contradicting metaphor. It’s always a wistful feeling, isn’t it? You see there are the rails, ready to take you somewhere, yet you don’t know where they will lead you. There’s really no beginning or end, so where do you start? Where will your journey lead you? What if you see something on the way that you want to look closer at, but you’re stuck on the path you already chose?

I think railroad tracks remind us all of life… all aspects of life; where we would like to go, where we have been. Those endless miles of rails also remind us that no matter what direction we are going, there is still something guiding us along the way.


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How blessed I am to be able to call this my back yard!

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Purple Fields

Purple flower fields: One of my favorite things about springtime near my home.  

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The Old Tracks in Rainier



My friend’s shot a few days ago reminded me of these tracks I drive by every day. It’s a little foggy out today…

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The Hottest Day of the Year

Of course, with the biggest event in Rainier, WA all year, it had to be scheduled on the hottest day of the year! This wedding was just beautiful and laid back, with the ceremony out in the hay field and the reception in the barn! Such a fun day!



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