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The Perfect Gift

I often find myself browsing through Craigslist looking at ads people post looking for photographers. Usually the ad reads something to the effect of “I don’t have money, so if you would like to add to your portfolio, this would be a great opportunity!” Well here’s a newsflash: I don’t have to work for free to add to my portfolio. People often don’t understand the true amount of time and effort that goes into a photo shoot. It’s not just walking around taking snapshots and then handing over a disk of images. It’s work. Hard work. And the work isn’t over when you’re done taking pictures. You have to weed through hundreds of images and make the choice of what is good and what isn’t. Then there’s the editing, and time to upload, etc etc…

But I digress….

Last week I was browsing Craigslist adds just for fun, and I came across one that caught my eye. Someone wanted to hire a photographer to document a very special surprise evening they had planned for their mother. He offered a fair payment for two hours of shooting time, and stated he would want to buy prints at a later time. The gig was all the way up in Woodinville, which is about an hour and a half from my home in Olympia. Normally it wouldn’t have been worth my drive, but  I liked the add so much I responded anyways. I just loved the idea that this man had come up with, and I felt it would be an honor to be able to be a part of their evening.

To my surprise, he called me the next day, saying that with all of the responses he received from the ad he placed he liked my work the best. Now that made my day!

The event was a Chris Isaac concert, being held at the Chateau Ste Michelle winery. That in itself was enough to get a photographer excited! The grounds are meticulously maintained and the buildings are beautiful.

Mother and son arrived in a town car at the VIP entrance. As the mother stepped out of the car, I was snapping pictures like paparazzi. She walked towards her son saying “I think that lady thinks I am someone else!” Her son then told her that he had hired me for the evening to document their time during the VIP reception. (photographers weren’t allowed into the concert)

They walked through the grounds, tasted some wine, and enjoyed the amazing feast that was provided for all VIP guests.

Then it was portrait time. The mother said she hadn’t had a photo taken of her in years… it was my pleasure with her beautiful smile! She still seemed in disbelief when it was my time to leave. I have a feeling her evening was just getting started…

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Downtown Olympia

I had the pleasure a few months ago to go shooting with a photog friend in downtown Olympia. I’ve lived in the area for over 6 years now, and have never actually walked around downtown before. How sad is that?

I think the best part of going out shooting with friends is seeing each other’s work after the event. I love how two people can stand in the same spot, with the same camera body in hand, and the same lens fixed to the body, and capture two entirely different images. I love how two people shooting together will inspire each other, and how you can feed off of the other’s ideas and views. I love looking over my shoulder and seeing a friend pointing their lens in a direction I may never have looked if I were on my own. These are the days that inspire me the most!

It was a perfect day for shooting in downtown Olympia, complete with graffiti alleys, fun restaurants, a port filled with moored sailboats, and even a parade!

The Port of Olympia is beautiful no matter how you look at it…

The #1 way to travel in Olympia… it’s a very green city!

My friend lovin’ the graffiti! (and so was I!)

Italian is good no matter what way you look at it!

I love this statue….

Looking forward to spring time and taking another walk around downtown Olympia! I’m so lucky to live in such a photograph-able area! 🙂

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Prairie Days in Yelm

What a beautiful day for an exciting parade! My stepdaughter was even smiling this time! 🙂



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Christmas in the Park Parade

Well this is coming a little late, but seeing how it is Christmas Eve, I thought it was still fitting.

A few weeks ago we had our annual “Christmas in the Park Parade” and amazingly the sun came out just as the band was starting up! It was a great turn out, with people picking their spots on the side of Main Street nearly an hour early, hot cups of coffee in hand. Our Military led the way with a plethora of good ol’ hick town entertainment. Candy was exploding from the cheer leading squad, jacked-up 4×4’s, and floats of all shapes and sizes.


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The Hottest Day of the Year

Of course, with the biggest event in Rainier, WA all year, it had to be scheduled on the hottest day of the year! This wedding was just beautiful and laid back, with the ceremony out in the hay field and the reception in the barn! Such a fun day!



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