What is in your backyard?

What I love most about photography is that it opens people’s eyes to the beauty around them, and even to the beauty within themselves. Photography makes you take a step back, slow down, and look at things, people, places in a different light. Often something that hundreds of people walk by every day without a second glance, if captured in an image in a different view than the “everyday” view, will capture people’s attention once transformed into the medium of a photograph. So many times someone has seen one of my photographs, gasped, and asked me where it was taken. I would then point out a window or day “On the corner of 4th and Capital” and they would be amazed. “I never noticed that there!” they might say, or “I had no idea something like that could be so beautiful!”

A while back I had been sick and housebound for a while, and I was going a bit stir crazy. I was desperately wanting to take photos of something…. Anything…. So I stepped out in the backyard with hopes of finding something to fancy my interest. At first glance there wasn’t much… lawn, bushes, rocks, moss, fence… but then I slowed down and really looked. Walking the perimeter of the little suburban yard, I found some amazingly beautiful things, that I hadn’t even realized were there…

Beauty is everywhere. It is around us, and within us… we just have to slow down, open our eyes, and look.


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