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Fantasticly Fun Wedding!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of capturing a fantasticly fun, yet small and humble wedding attended by only family and a few close friends of the bride and groom. These small weddings I think are my favorite, as everything seems more personal and real. Of course, it is much easier to pay attention to the Bride and Groom when there are only 40 people, as opposed to 400 people trying to catch a glimps and give their best wishes!

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your special day!!





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Christmas in the Park Parade

Well this is coming a little late, but seeing how it is Christmas Eve, I thought it was still fitting.

A few weeks ago we had our annual “Christmas in the Park Parade” and amazingly the sun came out just as the band was starting up! It was a great turn out, with people picking their spots on the side of Main Street nearly an hour early, hot cups of coffee in hand. Our Military led the way with a plethora of good ol’ hick town entertainment. Candy was exploding from the cheer leading squad, jacked-up 4×4’s, and floats of all shapes and sizes.


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Today I traveled up to Sumner, WA for a photo shoot at Parsons. Fleet Financials needed some photos for the January publication of their magazine. You can view the publication here:

It poured down rain, only letting up for about 10 minutes while I captured some shots of the team!


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