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A Beautiful Autumn Day

Yesterday¬†I had the pleasure of doing a session with Jet, a co-worker and dear friend. She came to me wanting to have some nice pictures taken to give to her husband for Christmas. Her first words to me were: “You have no idea how hard this is to ask… I hate having my picture taken… ”

We decided to meet at her favorite local place: the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge. With miles of “boardwalks”, beautiful fall foliage and some magestic old barns, it was sure to be a good session. Right as we pulled into the parking lot, the looming fog lifted, taking with it our concerns of a gloomy day.
We lazily strolled one of the loops, looking for those perfect opportunities to capture beautiful memories. An hour and a half later, we had over 60 shots that were worth keeping. Below are a few samples of our day. For not liking her picture taken, she sure looks beautiful!

Thank you for the fun session, and, of course, for the wonderful “trade”! Jet’s husband is the inventor of “Split the Sheets” (visit his website at: and she gave me two sets for the session! All I can say is, I have never slept better!! Try them – you won’t be sorry!

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Family Time

So somehow, some way, I was able to trick the family into thinking that getting some family pictures taken¬†would be fun! So down we went to the new house being built, I set up my tripod and lighting, and TADA!! A few photos worth keeping…. shhhhh, don’t tell the kids!




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